15 December 2008

Memories, part II

Remember this post about freshman year memories? I alluded to the picture that accompanied the Christmas letter that Bridget, Ashley, Sage and I came up with. Somehow Ashley's mom unearthed that picture and posted it for the whole world to see on Facebook. And now, since I believe the only way to move on from embarrassing mistakes is to confront and laugh at them, I submit to you this, my ghost of Christmas past:

10 December 2008

This week, 2, Kristin, 0

Today was my first Relief Society book club meeting. You may remember this book club from my post about how 33 people signed up. I got off of work at 12:00 today, and for once I made good use of my flex day. I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning the apartment and baking delicious treats in anticipation of book club:
Chocolate white-chocolate chunk cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate mint chip cookies, and gingersnaps. All homemade, from scratch.

This is the apartment before book club:

And this is the apartment during book club:

That's right. After 33 people signing up, and making announcements every week in Relief Society, and sending reminder emails, and spending five hours baking, not a single person came. Does anyone want four dozen cookies?

09 December 2008

Merry Christmas, Dirtbag

Dear Whoever Broke Into My Car Last Night,

I hope you enjoyed "Christmas shopping" in the Timp Gateway parking lot. Whoever had a GPS on their list will be so happy come Christmas morning.

I hope to see you in court someday,

07 December 2008


I know it's a holiday classic, but is anyone else sort of creeped out by Baby it's Cold Outside? Take a minute to really listen to the lyrics. He's preventing her from contacting her family, keeping her away from the neighbors, and possibly slipping her a roofie (hey, what's in this drink?) Any song that contains the lyric "if you caught pneumonia and died" doesn't scream Christmas to me. I can just picture some serial killer lip-synching this song to his handcuffed victim by the eerie light of a Christmas tree.