26 March 2008

Mean Girls + The Office = Miss Guided

Given the serious lack of anything new on tv and some extra free time on my hands, I decided to waste my time giving Judy Greer's new show a chance. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Judy Greer is a lot funnier as a leading lady than she was as, say, the bad girl in 13 Going on 30. She also has great hair and a too-cute-to-be-a-guidance-counselor wardrobe. Chris Parnell's self-absorbed and clueless vice principal act is hilarious, even if it is a total rip-off of Michael Scott. He's got great comedic timing. My favorite line comes from him discussing a female student's nose job that regrettably ended up the butt of the school gossip blog's jokes:

"Good for her, plastic surgery is chicken soup for the face. She should know better, though, getting a nose job during the school year. That's the sort of thing you leave for summer vacation. It's like they don't even watch the Hills"

Catch up on Abc.com

(I'm talking to you, Bridget)

21 March 2008

Too little too late

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and this will in no way make up for it. Sorry.

A few random thoughts from today:

Word Perfect is the dumbest, most counter-intuitive, least efficient program ever written.

My bailiff, a Boston Celtics fan, is a big fat jerk. I know they beat Dallas last night, pal. By four points scored in the last ninety seconds. Don't be that guy.

Last night I was offering Jenny a variety of yummy baked goods Bridget gave us. Except Jenny couldn't see the plate with three different kinds of treats and thought I wanted her to eat some Apple-turnover-chocolate-chip-zucchini-bread. I wouldn't have wanted any either.

I never fully appreciated the beauty of March Madness until it was here to distract me from work.

A girl at work today is literally wearing bunny ears. Actually wearing them there on her head. Allllll day.

02 March 2008

Did you want a bag fo yo tag?

Thanks for tagging me, Jenny. Throughout that whole post I was thinking I really hope she tags me. I've never been tagged before! What if she doesn't tag me? If my own sister wont tag me I'll never get tagged. To the point where tag doesn't sound like a word anymore. Here goes:

1) Where I was 10 years ago:

Sophomore at Jasper High School. Which means I was starring in a drama class production of Me and My Gal, marching to "Bolero" with the Jasper Marching Band, and bumming rides off of Kathleen Pearson. I would take the Jenny/Chick-fil-a approach and try to convince you that all of that was cool, but I'd have to convince myself first.

2) 5 things on my “to do list” today (today is over, so I'm going for tomorrow):

*Be on time for work
*Pay the Provo City Utilities bill
*File my taxes
*Finish reading Little Women for Bridget's book club
*Study for the LSAT

(I'm not much cooler ten years later)

3) Things I would do if I became a billionaire:

Go back to school and get about ten more degrees, then a few masters and ph.d's, then law school. Travel, travel, travel. Buy houses in Balboa and London. Pottery Barn shopping spree. Mavs floor tickets for life (we can hang out, Jenny). Oh, buy a dog! Get all the books I want. Hire Sara Bareilles to sing me to sleep every night. Buy the entire Steve Madden inventory and lots of other shoes.
4) 3 Of my Bad Habits:

Zoning out when people are talking, especially at work
Biting my nails
Taking naps

5) 5 places I’ve lived:

Plano, TX
Balboa Island, CA
Provo, UT
London, England
Washington, D.C.

6) 5 Jobs I’ve had:

Volleyball referee
"Research analyst" at Chemical Information Services
Teaching Assistant at BYU
Intern at the Foundation for Middle East Peace
Court clerk at the Fourth District Court

7) Something Most People Don’t Know About Me:
Everyone who reads this knows most things about me. I once accidentally shoplifted a doggie fireman costume from Noah's Ark at Collin Creek Mall. (Don't worry, mom, I took it back)
Tag Bridget, Ashley, Kristi, and other Kristi (so, both Kristis)