30 January 2008

The downside of working for Geek Squad

After seeing a clip of Raising Arizona on Scene It! a few weeks ago, we've been wanting to watch it. Jenny and I were in Best Buy the other day and noticed a few copies. I was about to buy it, but chose, wisely I think, to invest in $4.99 copies of Tommy Boy, Feriss Bueller's Day Off, and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton instead.

Tonight Adam told me he wanted to buy it, but their "internal inventory control system" says that Best Buy doesn't even carry the movie. "Huh," I said, "that's weird. Jenny and I saw at least three copies there on Friday."

I wont transcript the next 15 minutes, which involved an extensive discussion about the possibilities of me picking up a different, similarly titled movie, mistaking a different store for Best Buy, or just being crazy. My boyfriend trusts computers more than me.

29 January 2008

One year later

This is the mugshot of the man who took out my appendix, almost one year ago. Yesterday he was brought into my court on charges of exchanging prescription drugs for sexual favors. And that's really all I can say about that without becoming physically ill.

18 January 2008

Til Death Do Us Part

I had a voicemail the other day from a man who wanted me to "pull" his divorce file so the judge wouldn't sign it. Apparently he and his wife have reconciled. I called him back to explain that, while I'd be happy to hold on to his file for a few days, we need something in writing that formally dismisses the case.

"Oh. I gotta fill out a form?"

"Yes, we need something to put in the file."

....thoughtful grunt...

"We have a generic Motion and Order of Dismissal on our website. It's free, you just download it and fill in the blanks"

...more grunting...."Ne'ermind"

17 January 2008

Breaking News

Jeff Johnson blogged!!

07 January 2008

My New Favorite Thing

Meet Jamie Oliver. He. Is. Awesome. Tonight Adam and I watched the first episode of his new Food Network series, Jamie At Home. Again, let me say, he is AWESOME. Reasons to watch Jaime At home:

*He's like the Macgyver of food. He smoked salmon in an old cookie tin! And I don't even like salmon!

*He uses vegetables and herbs grown in his own backyard. Pretty cool!

*His delightful British accent. Love it! When he smoked his salmon, he said "Please work, or I'll look like a plonker!"

I don't want to oversell this, but BEST SHOW EVER.

Post-show, I was doing a little blogsearch (blog research) and grew to love Mr. Oliver even more. Jamie Fun Facts:

*Jamie's first cooking show in Britain was called The Naked Chef. Scandalous! Don't worry, the title refers to his simple cooking methods, there was no cooking in the buff.

*In 2005, Jamie did a documentary series called Jamie's School Dinners in which he took over the kitchen of a school in Greenwich for a year to showcase the pathetic state of British school lunch programs.

*Bill Clinton once dined at Jamie's restaurant Fifteen in London. When he asked to speak to the chef, Jamie refused because Bill brought twice as many guests as his reservation allowed for, half of whom were on South Beach Diet and refused to eat Jamie's meal.

(The anti-Clinton stance should get even mom excited!)