16 September 2008


Adam is officially in Kuwait. If you're interested in keeping up with the Kuwaitis, or this particular American in Kuwait, you can check out his blog here.

15 September 2008


Like the corners of my mind. Or my closet. As many of you may know, especially my roommates, I've been cleaning out my closet in an effort to clear space for Adam's Gigabyte Empire. My most recent conquest was memory corner, aka the four boxes of ticket stubs, letters, programs, and random knickknack's I've been collecting since I moved to Provo after graduating high school. More than a few of these items made me laugh out loud, so I put Adam's scanner (in my loving custody for the next 349 days) to good use.

This was a contract Bridget made me sign freshman year after I chickened out at a hair appointment where I was supposed to chop my hair off. I did finally cut my hair, but I don't think I dyed it. We should give this to Bridget's mom and get her opinion on whether or not green marker on the back of my Humanities syllabus would be legally binding.This is the Christmas letter that Bridget, Ashley, Sage and I planned to send to friends and family for the holidays our freshman year. We also staged a photo shoot where we wore all black and draped Christmas lights around us. I don't have any digital copies of these pictures, but maybe Bridge or Ashley can oblige. They are hilarious.

This is a list I wrote in silver pen on black post-it note. Celebrities I thought were dreamy. And here I was hoping to deny eternally that I ever found Matthew McConaughey remotely attractive. I shudder at the thought. #6 is Jaron, of Evan and Jaron. Also, I had to google Brandon Albright and still can't figure out who he is. I really think he was a BYU student who we saw in a concert or musical at BYU and thought was cute. And finally, I can guarantee both Ashley and Bridget know what prompted me to put #9 Justin Timberlake on the list.

This is the invoice I got from TV Guide when Ashley and Sage signed us up for a subscription under the name Ms. Chenandler Bong. If you've ever seen Friends, that one pretty much explains itself.

Here, proof that we were once sweet and thoughtful roommates who left each other notes, and that we were crazy weirdos who had fake names we actually called each other. I was Julia, Bridget was Kennedi (with an i), Ashley was Meg, and Sage was Taylor. I can't remember why we came up with these names. But I do remember that my middle name was Rayne.

This is the crumpled-up remains of a paper we kept on the bathroom door to write down our inside jokes so we could remember them. Unfortunately, six years later, I don't remember what probably 1/3 of them mean. I hope Maria's doin her homework? A refrigerator, I'm so happy? I think Bridget has the other half of this list.

This is a phone message Bridget took for me toward the end of our freshman year. Brooke and I were planning to live in a very cute yellow house south of campus the next year and signed contracts with our potential landlord. She then called back the next day to cancel our contracts because she was getting divorced and wanted the house for herself. Then she called back the next next day and said nevermind, I'm not getting divorced! By this point we realized the landlord was crazy and decided to go in a different direction. I love two things about this post-it. First, that Brooke and I came this close to having a landlord names Pamela Anderson, and second, that Bridget wrote "No Divorce - house is open." It just cracks me up for some reason.

Anyway, those were all freshman year memories, but I think they're pretty universally humorous.


Adam left for Kuwait today, which means two things.

1. Lots of this for him

And, 2. lots of this for me:

But without the prom hair and diamond bracelet.

08 September 2008


I have been a blogcrastinator. It's been a busy summer, and I admit my blogging has suffered both in quantity and quality. But in an effort to make it up to my loyal readers, which may no longer exist, at least the "loyal" part, I present to you Summer Blog Catch Up '08. Or, more accurately, July - August Catch Up '08.

First up, Fourth of July in Sandy with Adam's family. In grand Adam-Kristin tradition, we failed to take even one picture of us together, but did manage to capture about 40 of these fireworks/8th grade field trip to the Science Place shots:

Next up, a little American Idol love with my girls Jen and Jessie:

Where I got to experience the Kristi Lee Cook power stance firsthand. Glad to see Kristi's inexplicable fashion sense carried over to the summer tour.Additionally, it took my poor ears about three days to recover from the deafening roar that greeted David Archuleta. I took video so I could show you all just how ridiculous the screaming was, but you can pretty much get the picture by imagining "Ahhhhhh!!!AHHHHHHHhhhhhHHH!!DAVID!AHHHHHhhhhhILOVEYOUahhhhHHHH" for six straight minutes.

Then came Willardson BalboaFest 2008.

Balboa was a much more eventful trip than my camera's memory card (empty) suggests. It started off with a bang on Monday morning when an unfortunate slip aboard the Western Pride resulted in a broken left hand, as my more observant readers may have deduced from one of my two July posts. Too embarrassed to admit I was seriously injured, I toughed it out and caught seven sand bass with a broken hand. Around Thursday I started losing feeling in my fingertips and finally went to see a doctor who fitted me for a temporary cast. Which made it pretty difficult to wear this on the appropriate finger:Yes, that's right Wendy, Adam and I are engaged. Finally (heavy sarcasm). In all seriousness, though, I'm really happy. PS, this picture doesn't do justice to my gorgeous ring. Turns out it's pretty hard to get a good close-up of a diamond. I gave up after about four tries. You really just have to see it in person.

After California came Hawaii, which was pretty unbelievable. We spent lots of time with family, visited as many beaches as possible along the north shore of O'ahu, and overloaded (wait, not possible) on pina coladas. Mmmm pina coladas. I took so many pictures I think blogger would crash if I tried to upload them all. So here are a few of my faves.

Anyway, it's pretty clear I started out strong on this post and lost steam around Balboa. Uploading 33 Hawaii pictures is probably a cop-out, but at least it's something, right? Here's to more consistent blogging in September!