23 October 2007

ME: Janae Martin? Two kids. Sierra Stilovich? TWO KIDS. Kristin Willardson?

JENNY: Too cool

Thanks, Jen

20 October 2007

A few clips

Sara's set list went a little something like this:


Bottle it Up:


Love on the Rocks (2 parts):

Love Song:

Many the Miles:


Dear Sara Bareilles,

I am gonna write you a love song, because you're awesome.


And to All a Good Night

Tonight Jenny, Kristi, Michon and I went to the Sara Bareilles/Paolo Nutini concert in SLC, and sweet georgia pie, was it kick-a! Luckily, they changed venues at the last minute, so Kristi didn't have to flash anyone to get in. A few highlights:

*The venue was literally a church-by-day, club-by-night, so the lame-os who didn't stand actually sat in pews. PEWS! I said I had a policy never to sit in pews during a show, but Jenny thought I said pubes. I try to stay away from those, too.

*Sara is awesome in general, but even more so from eight feet away:
*Her lead guitarist, Javier, wasn't too shabby either:*Weird, that sort of looks like my BFF Sara Bareilles....Five times.
What? There's a finger in one of them? Still better than your picture with Sara Bareilles, biotch.

*Oh, and Jenny had lots and lots of cheer sex with this guy:

Lots. He was undressing her with his eyes. We told her to invite him to The Pie afterward, but he was more interested in a piece of her pie, if you know what I mean. As Kristi said, you don't play the guitar like that for pizza. Good times!

PS. Somebody tell me how to post video!

17 October 2007

Dear Pumpkin Butt,

You are the enemy of self control. Stop being filled with delicious treats.


11 October 2007

Peace out, effers

07 October 2007

Too late to 'pologize

Dear Jenny,

I bought Timbaland today. You're welcome.


PS. That is SO NOT Elton John singing on Apologize. Do you know who Elton John is?

Coming Soon

While attempting to explain the plot of Passage to Zarahemla to Tyler:

Jenny: "It's about a present-day girl who finds a time warp in her backyard and falls in love with a Nephite"


Tyler: "Why are Mormons so lame?"

05 October 2007

School Spirit

A few years ago, a group of U of U students were caugt spray-painting the Y red. Well, actually, they were caught developing a roll of film that depicted them painting the Y red. They were each convicted of vandalism and criminal mischief and ordered to pay something like $6000 in restitution to BYU. I had the pleasure of processing one of the final payments, which came through the mail with this little gem:

What a moving testament to the American justice system. At least the guy has some perspective.

01 October 2007

I think I'm a bad influence

Jenny and I are trying to figure out a way to sneak our underage hottie of a roommate Kristi into a concert in a few weeks. I never had a fake ID in high school, or anytime after, so we're having a little trouble getting that off the ground. I feel like there's probably a guy who hangs out at the base of the stairs behind the RB or something, but we're running out of time here.

My new vote is that Kristi walks straight up to the bouncer and says "I'm 21, and so are these"


Some of you may know that the first compact disc I ever purchased with my own money was Boyz II Men's classic II. That afternoon, Brooke and I drove around in Tyler's Acura with the windows down blaring "Thank You" at a volume that left neighborhood children teaching each other sign language. At one point, we drove past Niel Amos' house while he was outside washing his car and I remember thinking that now he would know how cool I was. Years later, I realize that after that incident, Niel knew exactly how cool I was.