26 May 2008

This is How it Goes, Baby

Last week Jenny, Bridget and I ventured up to Salt Lake City (on a weeknight!) for a live show from one of our favorite artists, Missy Higgins. Our cousin-in-law Robbie was there too and was generous enough to (a) invite us to the front of the line, and (b) act as our "sponsor" for the evening, a Utah phenomenon wherein bars and clubs will only let members and their guests in to keep random floozies on the street from drinking. Because of Robbie, we were one of the first in the club and got to stand so close I literally could have unplugged her keyboard or tied her shoe:

I realize these videos are mostly for Jenny and Bridge, but she was so good live, so take a listen! My camera's video function does not do her justice.

Secret (these first two were before the lights came on)

Going North

Ten Days

This is How it Goes, part 1

This is How it Goes, part 2

Nightminds, which she played upon our request (!)

Where I Stood

Warm Whispers


23 May 2008

Death to Word Perfect

Of all the programs I have ever used, Word Perfect is the absolute worst. (And I've sat in a lotta chairs.) Today was a mandatory "file cleanup" day, which basically means manual labor. Moving files around, rearranging crap, and transferring the oldest files to archives to make room for the new ones. Well, being the organization prodigy that I am, my supervisor requested that I make a map of Local Archives so people can find their way more easily. The morning was spent by myself at archives, rocking out with my portable ipod speakers, drawing said map.

I figured I'd head back to my desk, spend twenty minutes whipping up a quick computerized version of my lovely map, and call it a day. THREE HOURS later, Word Perfect was still refusing to cooperate with simple commands like cut, undo, drag, and bite me. RI (wait for it) DICULOUS. I had finally come up with something I could live with when *ERROR MESSAGE* Welcome to the Document Recovery Wizard! pops up. Recovery what now? Gone. It was just gone. Somehow, inexplicably, even my previous saved drafts were nowhere to be found. Explain that to me, Geek Squad!

After doing a lap around the filing room to keep myself from punching a hole through my monitor, I used Microsoft Paint to come up with this baby: That's right, Word Perfect. You suck more than MICROSOFT PAINT.

08 May 2008

I've lost the will to blog