17 April 2008

There's something very wrong with dallasmavericks.com

12 April 2008

Why I love Keri, part II

You may remember my friend Keri as the district court's resident valepooptorian. This week she struck again with her mind-blowing awesomeness.

Those of you who know me well are familiar with my unnatural phobia of Elijah Wood. I'm sorry, but he's creepy. He doesn't age and he has eerie mesmerizing eyes that make you wonder if you're subconsciously being brainwashed into a cult of some kind. Sure, Lord of the Rings is all good until you find yourself blanking out for chunks of time and performing ritual animal sacrifice.

Anyway, when I first met Keri over a year ago I happened to mention this fear. When I came down from court on Wednesday, I found this:

That's right, she Elijah Wood-ed my cubicle.

10 April 2008

Yep, that sounds about right

03 April 2008

Thoughts from the gym

Is it me, or does the elliptical machine seem less effective when your feet go completely numb twenty minutes in?

Even if I weighed 100 pounds, I would never ever ever exercise in bike shorts and a sports bra. Or gold hoop earrings.

I'm really weirded out when people watch the food network while working out.