29 November 2007

The thing is

I suck at blogging, guys. Three quasi-posts in November is just shameful. This is why I put my blog out of its misery the first time around.

Random thoughts that don't individually merit an entire blog entry:

Jenny, you need to make it so I can see your old posts. We're all afraid mom is going to read our blogs. Deal with it.

I have absolutely no idea what my partner clerk does all day. Well, did all day. She's out on maternity leave for three months, so I'm currently doing both our jobs, and I'm way better at it alone than when I had a partner. I hope she doesn't come back.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. If I had $1000 right now, I would literally spend it all on decorations from Gatehouse and every imaginable holiday cd. Even Jewel. I started secretly listening to Christmas music September 17. I wrote it down.

I think my bailiff is racist.

I have no idea what to get Adam for Christmas.

I am so over the Sportsguy.

This blog is really boring.

17 November 2007

Dear Brain,

Please remember the awesome blog you were working on the other day.


08 November 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Kristi Dear

I miss you.

04 November 2007

Blogger: Permission Denied

If I'm not cool enough to be invited to my sister's blog, what am I cool enough for?

On the shower scene from Casino Royale

Me: I just think the finger sucking is weird. She just saw a guy die for the first time. It's probably the wrong moment, James.

Nate: There's never a wrong moment for finger sucking.