30 July 2008


Dear Diet Dr. Pepper,

Either Sonic is trying to pull a fast one on me, or you really do taste exactly like regular Dr. Pepper.


25 July 2008


Things you need two hands to do:

Button jeans
Wash your hands
Drive a stick shift
Put on a bra
Type this blog
Put your hair up in a ponytail

If you do any of these things regularly, don't break your hand, even if it's not the one you write with.

15 July 2008


In high school, I literally wouldn't leave the house unless my hair was freshly washed, dried, and curled. I remember waking up late a couple of times and faking a sore throat so I didn't have to go to school un-coiffed. Heaven forbid Anthony Schiavo see me with messy hair!

Over the years, I've outgrown that habit, often feeling free to go to class under the comforting shield of a baseball hat. I know, I've come a long way. These days, I've started washing my hair only every other day or so, for several reasons. One, it's just too much of a hassle to do my ridiculously thick hair every morning, and I'd rather sleep the extra hour. Two, I feel like I've wasted huge amounts of water in my life washing not-dirty hair. Plus, I've heard it's better for your hair to wash no more than three times a week. Anyway, the new system has worked well for me. I take shorter showers and sleep a little more, and it's meant there are fewer days I go to work with my hair pulled back in a conservative ponytail.

Enter the new X factor: The Biggest Loser. In an effort to secure the $400 pot, I've been hitting the gym every day after work, which makes me feel like I have to wash my hair every day again on account of being sweaty.

I was complaining today about my forced increase in hair-washing frequency and a friend at work said that she doesn't always shampoo after the gym, but for some reason that creeps me out. I like to feel 100% scrubbed off after a visit to 24 Hour Fitness, if only because I don't personally control the level of bacterial growth. (Cue gag reflex at barefooted woman on the stationary bike)

I can't say that I've paid much attention to the rate at which my scalp sweats. My question is this: Do you wash your hair after working out? I just don't know how I feel about it.

And thank you for suffering through this utterly trivial and self-indulgent post, if you've made it this far.

14 July 2008


At the gym tonight, there was a middle-aged woman on the exercise bike in front of me. BAREFOOT.


This is what my next two weeks looks like:

Today: Dinner with Bridge and Jenny (part one of Farewell to Bridget. So sad.)
Tuesday: AMERICAN IDOL TOUR. I'm not ashamed. Holla, David Cook!
Friday: Pack for Balboa '08, Mamma Mia with Bridge
Saturday: Drive to CA with Mom, Dad, and Mattie
Monday: Deep sea fishing with Pops, pedicures and movie with the girls
Tuesday: Wicked in L.A. Holla, Elphaba!
Wednesday: Disneyland. Holla, two Disney trips in one summer!
Thursday: Pageant of the Masters. Still holding out hope that George Sr. and George Michael will be performing Michelangelo's Creation of Adam
Friday: Family Reunion.
Saturday: Something else fun in California
Sunday: Back to Utah, where I'll have to wait three whole weeks until my next vacation: HAWAII.

Let's just say the Willies know how to do summer right.

09 July 2008


One of my favorite things about my job is that I only have to work until noon on Wednesdays. Every week I have such elaborate plans for my Wednesday afternoons. I write to do lists: clean out the hall closet, clean out my bedroom closet, finish laundry, study for the LSAT, blog, catch up on my current events, write thank yous. But then mostly I just end up taking a nap.