21 April 2009


Since I haven't blogged in around two months, and since Adam is threatening to cut off all contact with me unless I blog (and Rebecca blogs -- thanks, sister), I thought I'd go out on a limb and write one of those "posts" that seem to be all the rage these days. Bear with me, I may have forgotten how to do this.

*It is roughly 1,000 degrees in my bedroom, thanks less to the beautiful 65 degree temperature outside and more to the 8,000 gigabytes of server storage humming away in my closet. In winter it was wonderful to wake up and huddle in my fifteen-degrees-warmer closet as I picked out my clothes for the day. Now I can't stand being in this room for more than ten consecutive minutes. But seriously, I think if I measured the temperature in here, it would easily be 85. We are not smiles times. (shout out to josh's slimy agent on 30 rock. now say five ways i'm better than you!)

*I'm on my way back to blonde, and I'm not too happy about it. Sigh.

*I am getting married in five months and eighteen days. Woooo!

*Adam gets home in four months and six days. Double wooooo!

*Adam and I are attempting to buy a house that we can live in while he finishes school (quadruple woooo x infinity, even if it means living in Provo a while longer, wooooOOO!!!) It feels a little strange house-hunting without Adam here, sort of like I'm picking out a house for him to buy me and he's just the wealthy benefactor. But it's still really fun. We have a realtor and everything. Grown-up alert! It reminds me of Freshman year when Ash, Bridget and went out with a realtor to see if we could find a place for Ashley's parents to buy, and how we had no idea what we were doing. I pretty much still feel like that.

This leads me to one observation that, no matter how much I think about it, still baffles me: the unfinished basement. Most houses in Utah have basements, and probably 90% of the ones I've seen fall somewhere on the scale of what one would call still showing insulation and floored with cement. So the stats on the house will say "Total square feet: 2,979; finished square feet: 1,532." Huh. So, basically, I'm buying an apartment with a really huge storage room? You're telling me the house has four bedrooms and three baths, but I have to finish three of those bedrooms and two baths myself? No deal. Why would I want a house that's only halfway done? Anyway, no matter how many ways I go about it, I don't see the logic behind selling a half-done house. It just seems lazy.

*I just noticed there's a new tab on the blogger console labeled "Monetize." I am intrigued. Is that a real word?


bradget said...

I've said it once, I'll say it again: Holy Crap, did you just blog?

House hunting! So fun. And by yourself? Even more fun. Only because if he ever complained about what you pick out you could just say, "Oh yeah? Remember that time you moved half way across the world while we were engaged? Thought so."

k town said...

Ha, I'm surprised anyone even checks my blog anymore. You're the best.

banananutmeg said...

ironic that the only thing running though my head after I read the words "unfinished basement" was "finish it! finish it!" You can totally finish a basement yourself. EASILY. EASY profit on your house. You can do it!

Be glad you're house hunting without a man. Aaron's biggest priorities in house hunting were "where will the TV go?", "is there a fan/courtesy window in the bathroom?" and "is the driveway flat enough for some hoops?"

Lived here 3+ years, because of the flat-ish driveway and we still don't own a basketball net.

Congrats on EVERYthing!
Sorry you'll be in provo longer. It just makes the rest of the world that much better though. really.

Adam'owski said...


I love it when you blog (even if it is through my evil schemes that you do so). For the record, I check your blog every day (at least once) in the hopes that you will blog. Now that you know that so many other people do, you'll have to ensure that you don't let your fans down.

I just got off the phone with my Mom and the funds side of things for the house I'm "buying you" seems to be going pretty well. Looks like we can look forward to some more Provo and some more BYU ... yuck.

As for basements. I agree that I'd rather have a finished one right now. I do like the idea of finishing one ourselves and added value and all that, but I think for a house that we don't plan to be in forever and that already has the unfortunate condition of being in Provo, I'll go for the finished one this time. On a separate but related topic ... you're really just jealous that Texas doesn't have basements. I am all about the 2 stories, but there is something really great about basements (mostly the finished kind).

Sorry about the technology furnace. Still, I think if most people knew what you had going there, they wouldn't mind the extra degrees. If it makes you feel any better, it was 98 degrees today and it is supposed to be 110 on Friday.

I love you babe. Keep the blogs coming!

laurie said...

She blogs!!! Today we hit 92 degrees here in big D. Tomorrow I'm going wedding lace and silk shopping---will send samples to you. FYI, I would guess that you discovered the word "monetize" in reference to current actions by the Fed. The definition of monetizing the debt means that we are paying off government debt by printing more money. Translation, at some point in the future, we will need a wheelbarrel full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread. NOT A GOOD THING!

Stephanie said...

Congrats K-town!!! I want an invite to the wedding!!!

ashley said...

5 months? What?!?

K said...

Dude you are house hunting! How fun, and very grown up.